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Duna Natural Park


The Corralejo Natural Park is an amazing piece of land that will make you feel as if you were in the Sahara desert. In fact that's where the sand comes from, whith the vantage of a unique view of the dunas ending in the blue ocean.


Don't miss the opportunity to feel this fantastic atmosphere while staying in one of our holiday villas. 




Have you seen Ridley Scott's movie when Mosè crosses the sea? Well, that's Cofete, an enchanted place where clifs join an endless beach.

A corner of land reachable only after a long trip on a unpaved pathway  but when you get to the end of it, you will be alone with a unique place on earth.




This small village protected by The Unesco is the historical capital of  the Canary islands, as the first conquerors arriving in canarias established in this small village their headquarter.


Santa Maria's church and the restaurant "Santa Maria" are two excellent places for your rest.

The village is simply as it was hundreds of years ago

El Cotillo

This old fishermen's village is growing, but no turist can ever change the nature surrounding it. 

The long cliffs with all the beaches around are a perfect area for surfers and kiters and the white beach of "La Concha"  witht it's marvellous Laguna, is perfect for families 

And what about the fish restaurant  just at a minute walk to enjoy  the sunset?

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